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How to raise well-behaved kids (without bribing or punishing)

Raising well-behaved kids isn't blind luck.

I know because I've shared the proven connected discipline formula that I use with my 5 kids with hundreds of parents in my private clinic.

With the Raising Well-Behaved Kids bonus training, I'll give you a step-by-step plan so you can confidently handle ANY behaviour difficulty.

Watch the workshop, follow the step-by-step roadmap and start feeling like the calm, connected parent you want to be


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Sibling Rivalry: from Fighting to Friendship

Use simple everyday parenting strategies to stop the bickering so you can all have more peace!

Join me for a 90-minute workshop and I’ll help you:

  • cut the squabbling, bickering and fighting 
  • help your kids work things out together 
  • support strong bonds of friendship between your kids

Grab your ticket, watch the 90-minute workshop, and get everything you need to help your kids go from fighting to friendship.


✅ what to do when your kids are constantly at each other's throats (and you're sick of being the referee)

✅ practical tools to use in the heat of the moment

✅ the most common mistakes parents make that actually increase sibling rivalry (and how to avoid them)

✅ managing your own frustration so you can help your kids through difficult moments without losing your cool

✅ empowering kids to stand up to teasing without taking the bait

✅ reducing competition and the cries of "that's not fair"

✅ the #1 thing you can start right away to reduce sibling rivalry 

✅ skills to teach your kids so they can work things out themselves AND to know when to ask for your help

✅ top tips to encourage healthy relationships between siblings