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How to raise resilient kids

Raising resilient kids isn't blind luck.

I know because I've shared the Roadmap to Resilience that I use with my 5 kids with hundreds of parents in my private clinic

With the Raising Resilient Kids bonus training, you'll get a step-by-step plan to use everyday moments to build your child's resilience.

You'll know exactly what to say to help your child stick with difficult tasks and cope when things don't go their way.

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Raising Well Behaved Kids

Want to raise well-behaved kids (without bribing or punishing)?

Watch this 90-minute workshop and I’ll help you:

  • Develop a step-by-step plan to  confidently handle ANY behaviour difficulty
  • Set your home up to make the right behaviour easy and obvious
  • Turn behaviour challenges into an opportunity to deepen your connection with your child

Sign up, watch the workshop and walk away with a behaviour plan that’s right for you and your family

What's included:

  • 90-minute workshop you can watch (and re-watch) any time
  • FAQ video where I answer top questions about raising well-behaved kids
  • Command Centre templates to help you quickly and easily set up an organisation station in your home

A sneak peak of what we cover inside:

✳️ the proven connected discipline formula that I use with my 5 kids that I've shared with hundreds of parents in my private clinic

✳️ the 3 things you can do right now to stop feeling overwhelmed and start feeling like the calm, connected parent you want to be

✳️ the most common mistakes parents make when dealing with difficult behaviour (and how to avoid them)

✳️ the #1 thing to do to get back on track if you lose it with your kids 

✳️ my top tips for getting on the same page as your parenting partner

✳️ my go-to process for getting kids to do what you ask - 1st time (well, most of the time) 

 BONUS 1: Raising Well-Behaved Kids cheatsheet

BONUS 2: Get your Kids to Tidy their Room video & cheatsheet 

BONUS 3: 'What's really going on here?' worksheets to help you figure out why your child is acting that way and how to help them

BONUS 4: Command Centre templates to help you quickly set up an organisation station in your home


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