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How to raise well-behaved kids (without bribing or punishing)

Raising well-behaved kids isn't blind luck.

I know because I've shared the proven connected discipline formula that I use with my 5 kids with hundreds of parents in my private clinic.

With the Raising Well-Behaved Kids bonus training, I'll give you a step-by-step plan so you can confidently handle ANY behaviour difficulty.

Watch the workshop, follow the step-by-step roadmap and start feeling like the calm, connected parent you want to be


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How to Raise Resilient Kids

Use simple everyday parenting strategies to help your children become more resilient.

Join me for a 90-minute workshop and I’ll help you:

  • Develop a step-by-step plan to use everyday moments to build your child's resilience
  • Know exactly what to say to help your child stick with difficult tasks
  • Develop your child's ability to solve problems, take responsibility and cope when things don't go their way

Save your seat below, show up for the 90-minute workshop, and get everything you need to get your kids on the road to resilience.


I’m running the workshop twice so you can choose which day is best for you (or you can attend both and take double the notes!).

  • Option 1: 25th January 2022, 7pm Irish time 
  • Option 2: 27th January 2022, 7pm Irish time

Can’t join us live? No worries! You get full access to the recording. 


 βœ… my Roadmap to Resilience that I use with my 5 kids and that I've shared with hundreds of parents in my private clinic

βœ… the simple daily habit you can start right away to increase family happiness

βœ… the most common mistakes parents make that actually make kids less resilient

βœ… the #1 thing you need to teach your kids to help them take the rough with the smooth

βœ… the 6-step problem-solving steps you can teach your kids 

βœ… my go-to process to teach delayed gratification 

βœ… BONUS 1: Raising Resilient Kids cheatsheet

βœ… BONUS 2: Problem-Solving cheatsheet